We are happy to serve you

The Perth Plumbing Professionals ARE happy to serve you ALWAYS!!!,  there will be NO “oh its to hard or we don have time”  we wont find excuses not to do your job,  if it is legal and within our capabilities we will complete the job for you with no fuss!

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We Serve the Best

Yes that’s right we do serve the best and you our customer are the best,  we treat each and every individual client with the very best customer service,  weather it be a Million dollar mansion in Peppermint Grove or an old age Pensioner in a flat in the Perth City we treat and serve our customers the very best

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Good Plumbing Bad Plumbing???

The Perth Plumbing Professionals have been plumbing for more than 20 years in Perth and over this time we have done some good plumbing and we have seen some really bad plumbing,  we will be keeping you up to date with any good plumbing that we do and take some photos and blog about any bad plumbing we come across

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Plumbing Reviews

This post will be full of our plumbing reviews from our satisfied happy customers

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Repairing a caroma toilet cistern

The Highlight of today was fixing a caroma toilet cistern today at a home in Como,  the toilet cistern was running it was a caroma  slimline cistern a pretty standard plumbing brand of cistern known with all plumbers,  we had no problem in repairing the caroma cistern as we have repaired thousands of these caroma cisterns in the past

If you have plumbing problem at home with your toilet cistern and if it needs repairs give us a a Call on 13PLUMBER or Ph 13 7586

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