Emergency Plumbing Tips

This page is dedicated to supplying our important customers YOU some helpful and Handy tips on what to do if you have an Emergency Plumbing or gas Fitting emergency

Plumbing Emergency

What to do in a Plumbing Emergency?

  • Drainage Problems

Below are some commonly asked questions on  emergency plumbing drain problems

  • My drains are blocked what do I do?
  • The toilet or Drains inside and or  outside are overflowing what do I do?
  • The water or sewerage keeps coming out of my drains and will not stop what do I do?

What to do???   Here are the answers.

If your drains are overflowing inside or outside your house and will not stop it is definitely time to call a plumber.  Sometimes when this happens it can be a Water Corporation blockage,  but you will first need to have it confirmed by a Licenced Plumber that it is a water corporation blockage,  so quick give us a call on 13Plumber 137586

If the drains are blocked and they are not overflowing constantly into the house or outside then this is not as bad as the above situation,  the Perth Plumbing Professionals suggest you turn off the water to the fixture weather it be a toilet, shower,  basin etc and do not use it Give us a call on 137586 and we will attend to it as soon as possible,  if this blockage happens after hours and it is not causing any damage or annoyance, it may be possible for you to wait till normal business hours to have the blockage fixed to avoid paying extra costs for after hours work

You should also avoid sticking things that should not go down the drains, down the drains,  and be aware that toilet ducks the cleaners that hang on the side of your toilet can also cause blockages

if you have young children, we recommend that you keep toys and small objects that can be flushed down the drains out of reach,  we are constantly doing work at child care centres where we find all sorts of things down drains, like clothes, toys,  sand cutlery etc


Water Supply Problems,  Burst Pipes ,  leaking pipes,  Roof Leaks

  • Have you drilled through a pipe in the wall in the laundry installing a shelf or the brackets to hang the dryer? 
  • Ive hit a pipe with my shovel in the garden and there is water everywhere?
  • I have just got a massive bill form the water corporation saying that I probably have a water leak what do I do?
  • There is water coming out of the ground what do I do?
  • There is water coming through my roof and it is or isn’t raining. What do I do


Hot water Problems

Gas Hot water,  Electric Hot water

I have no hot water what do I do?

  • So its winter you have jumped in the shower turned on the hot water and guess what ?  No hot water !!!!!  What do I do? Firstly you will need to see what type of hot water system it is to see if anything can be done.   Is it gas  or is it electric?  while you there having a look at it is it Leaking?  if it is a leaking hot water system its time to call 13PLUMBER or 137586 to get this system fixed or replaced,   If it is not leaking can you take down the make and model so that when you do call a plumber they will know exactly what it is and if possible take a photo of it with your phone that way it will make it easier for us to know how to serve you best