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Our team at Plumbing Perth quickly and effectively clears blocked drains for businesses and homes in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Our experienced and licensed 24 hour plumbers offer a top-of-the-line repairs to blocked drains. We are equipped to handle 100% of problems associated with blocked drains onsite, saving time and money.

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Repairing Blocked Drains

Sometimes blocked drains can repaired quickly through the use of a plunger (which forces water down the pipes to dislodge the blockage).

If the water level (in the sink, tub, shower or toilet) does not lower to its normal level the blocked drains have not cleared. The blocked pipes will need further inspection for the cause of the blockage by a qualified plumber.

With the help of the latest equipment our plumbers will accurately determine the cause and exact location of the blocked drains.

This may require a camera and video inspection of the blocked pipes depending on:

  • where the blockage is and

  • what type of sewage system you have

Once the cause of the blocked drains is determined, we complete the repair through the use of a number of tools including:

  • A plumbers snake, drain machineor Rotar Rooter
  • Electric power drain cleaning machines
  • High velocity water jets
  • High pressure drain cleaner

  • Tree root treatment
  • and our new high tec drain camera,  we can pin point exactly where the problem spots are and provide you with a DVD video and give you a price to fix the the problem once and for all
  • See our video here of the camera

If you have problem blocked drains requiring professional plumbing equipment to clear we will be happy to help. Call 13 7586.

Our plumbers have the professional equipment to deal with the blocked pipes causing your problems call our professional and reliable plumbers on 13 7586.

Plumbing emergencies other than Blocked Drains you may encounter and require services for include:

1.    Burst Water Pipes
2.    Blocked Toilets

3.    Gas leaks and gas smells
4.    Blocked Pipes

Blocked Drains Perth

You can identify blocked drains when:

  • Water flows slowly
  • Pipes make noises

  • Smells of sewage surface outside and
  • Water backs up in sinks and tubs
  • or sewerage overflowing on the outside your house

Blocked drains can be avoided by:

  • Refraining from pouring cooking liquids like fat, oil and grease down the sink. The liquid form cools and causes blocked drains
  • Using a strainer to collect food scraps
  • Removing hair regularly from the shower before it heads down the pipes can prevent blocked drains
  • Not using toilet duck type toilet cleaners
  • keeping children’s toys out of the toilet

  • Clearing tree roots from blocked drains that have weaved their way into through small cracks and joins to find moisture and warmth
  • Removing excess leaf and tree debris before it causes blocked drains

Preventative Plumbing Repair Program

To limit the occurrence of blocked drains in the future we recommend our Preventative Plumbing Repair Program. Regular maintenance prevents blocked drains and expensive repairs.

Speak to our team about the Preventative Plumbing Repair Program today on 13 7586.

Prevent blockages before they become a major problem on your property.

Our Promise to You

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Our Certified Master Plumbers offer Emergency Plumbing Services, Plumbing Repairs, Gas Fitting, clearing Blocked Drains, Hot Water Systems, and complete plumbing services for both Bathroom Renovation and Kitchen Renovations throughout Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Areas We Service for Blocked Drains

We are a Perth owned and operated company, local plumbers with local knowledge of the Perth area and surrounds. We specialise in repairing Blocked Drains for the Western Suburbs. We service the Perth Metropolitan Area, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs also.

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