A blocked toilet is annoying to say the least and always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time.

If you have a blocked toilet you will notice the water level will take longer than normal to lower after a flush, there are many reasons for this. Our plumbers have repaired many blocked toilets through out Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

You may want to attempt to clear the blocked toilet yourself before calling us out.

If this is the case we have outlined some steps for you:

Steps for Repairing a Blocked Toilet

Do not repeatedly flush a blocked toilet

  • Remove excess water from your blocked toilet by placing some old newspaper down around the blocked toilet. Using old washing up gloves and a cup scoop the water out from the bowl into a bucket
  • Place a plunger in the blocked toilet
  • Push down hard with both hands
  • Repeat this 5 – 6 times
  • This action will force the water down the pipes to dislodge the blockage
If the water level in the blocked toilet does not lower to its normal level the blockage has not cleared you will need to have your blocked toilet repaired by the experts.

Call Plumbers Perth on 13 7586, we have the professional equipment to unblock with your blocked toilet.

Before you call, check if your home is on deep sewer or if you have a septic tank. Our recommendations and the equipment we use will differ depending on which system you are on.

Emergency Blocked Toilet Call Out

If your blocked toilet is causing damage to your home you may require a plumber to assist you immediately.

For a rapid response for a blocked toilet call Plumbers Perth. Our experienced and licensed plumbers offer a top-of-the-line repair service. We are equipped to handle over 90% of problems onsite, saving time and money.

Members of our team are:

  • On call 24/7
  • Well Trained and equipped with specialised drain machines for un-blocking your drains
  • And always Ready to repair your plumbing emergency now
We appreciate your business and will be there when you need help, any time of the day or night. Call 13 7586.

Other Emergency Plumbing Problems

Our team of Emergency Plumbers provide a top-quality service for a wide range of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Blocked Drains & Overflowing Drains
  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Gas leaks
  • Roof Leaks
  • Storm water blockages andoverflows
Areas We Service for a Blocked Toilet

We are a Perth owned and operated company, local plumbers with local knowledge of the Perth area and surrounds. We specialise in repairing Blocked Toilets for the All Perth Suburbs. We service the Perth Metropolitan Area, Western Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs also.

Other Toilet Problems

  • Repairs to leaking toilets
  • Replace and install toilets in bathroom renovations or home add-ons
  • Service and repair toilets

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