Our Quality Plumbing Guarantee!!!

The Perth Plumbing professionals have a quality plumbing all stars guarantee

Our quality plumbing guarantee is all about giving our customers piece of mind

Here is our 10 stars quality plumbing Guarantee

  1.  Quality Plumbing work – We provide the best quality plumbers and plumbing service in Perth guaranteed,  every bit of work we do we take as much pride in as we can ,  we treat every house like our own,  all our work is guaranteed,  we use only the best and approved materials, all our pipework is neat and tidy,  we don’t take any short cuts or skimp by using cheap and rotten materials,  all our projects we keep clean and tidy we leave no mess
  2. Quality Pricing – Cheap Plumbing is not always the best,  There are plumbers then there are quality plumbers… installing and conducting  Quality plumbing can sometimes take more time and effort,thinking and sometimes design to get the best outcome, trying to find the cheapest plumber on the internet or phone book does not always do you justice,  the old saying is true “you get what you pay for” but worry we can come in and fix things after the cheap plumber has been and done their work.  we do this kind of work all the time fixing other plumbers stuff ups or home handymen that think they are plumbers.  Wouldn’t you want to get the job done properly the first time? Seriously always use a licensed and experienced plumbing Professional    if you want a quality plumbing job done then and are prepared to pay for it,  please do not hesitate to Contact us.   Our Guarantee to you is that you will get the best quality plumbing job done at the right price
  3. Quality Plumbers – All our Plumbers, Contractors and staff are people we have worked with for a long time or if they are new they are screened rigorously to make sure they fit into the Perth Plumbing Professionals team.  We strive to build the Perth Plumbing professionals into a quality plumbing and gas fitting company so that we grow harmoniously into a quality plumbing company,   We pride ourselves on having a great team that are always well presented, honest,  have integrity,  friendly polite and care about all our customers
  4. Quality Ontime Plumbers – being ontime is is most important to our cuctomers and we strive to have the upmost integrity with all our plumbing work,  we guarantee to be ontime or we pay you 50 smackeroos,  that right 50 dollars or 50 bucks however you would like to call it, * Conditions apply,   if your sick of your plumbers being late or not showing up at all please ask about our ontime or we pay you policy.  Of course emergencies do happen,  cars break down people call in sick,  We run such an efficient quality plumbing service at the Perth Plumbing professionals that we can Guarantee
  5. Quality Equipped – All our Perth Plumbing Professional Vehicles are fully equipped to undertake all possible plumbing projects with the latest gadgets, tools and machinery to make our job faster and easier without compromising quality, The Vans and Utes are fully stocked to carry out almost 100% of all emergency plumbing problems,  so if you need a Plumber that has all the right tools and equipment to solve all your plumbing problems pleas give us a call on 13PLUMBER or 137586
  6. 24 hour Quality – Our Emergency Plumbing Guarantee – The Perth Plumbing Professionals Guarantee to have your plumbing and gas services back up and running as soon as possible,  that’s why we Guarantee to have your services up and Running within 24hours.    The Perth Plumbing professionals will have your services up and running within 24Hours or we pay you 50 smackeroos,  that right 50 dollars or 50 bucks however you would like to call it, * Conditions apply,  we also have a 24 hour emergency call out plumbing service where we can come out to your property in the dead of night to solve your plumbing problems click here to learn more about our 24 Hour plumbing service
  7. Trusted Quality- The Perth Plumbing Professionals are a trusted quality plumbing company located in Perth, we undertake Plumbing works for a large number of companies and people,  ranging from real estate agents,  Australia wide building companies, Pensioners,  mums and dads,  property developers, local councils, government departments and basically anyone  that has a plumbing issue,  that includes You!!
  8. Quality discounts – The Perth Plumbing Professionals we can provide discount plumbing pricing for larger volumes of work, we understand our bottom line and know that large companies are looking to save a few dollars here and there without compromising integrity.   If you have large amounts of ongoing plumbing work that needs to be done by a quality plumbing Company located here in Perth please feel free to get in touch with us and we will tailor a plumbing solutions package to suit your requirements.   We also provide an across the board discount to all Pensioners and ex service people
  9. Quality Communication – The Perth Plumbing Professionals believe that there is nothing that cannot be solved through communication,  if there are any issues that ever arise with any project a good level of communication may be required, the Perth plumbing professionals are excellent communicators and train our staff and apprentices in communicating with our customers,  Through good communication we can offer a quality plumbing service in Perth and have projects organised so that everything runs smoothly
  10. Quality Safety – The most important aspect to any job is safety,  Safety is paramount,  we take care of all safety requirements with all our projects, we provide our staff with all the appropriate PPE Personal Protection equipment, all our staff are trained in safety and are courteous to the safety of themselves others tier surroundings and environment

We look forward to working with you and make sure you get quality plumbing done with the Perth Plumbing Professionals

and Remember Whenever you need a Plumber call 13Plumber  Ph137586

*Terms and Conditions for our cash Back guarantee and discount structure download here