Plumber Reviews Perth

This page is Dedicated to all the reviews and testimonials we have received from our clients,  The Perth Plumbing Professionals strive to keep our customers satisfied,  Our plumbers are real professionals and our work is to the highest standard

Plumber Reviews Perth – Cottesloe


It is with great pleasure to supply the Perth plumbing Professionals with a Testimonial / Plumbing Review on the 19/6/2013 The Plumber came to our property to inspect a blocked drain that we had, the pipes had been blocked for almost a week as we struggled to find a plumber to do the job, So it was bit of an emergency.  A Plumber came within an hour of our phone call and was quick to get to work,  he had all the drain unblocking equipment, a Rotor rooter drain machine needed to do the job,  he unblocked the drain within half an hour of being on site,  he then offered his services to use a drain camera down the drain which he did,  the drain camera was able to see exactly what the cause of the drain blockage was,  the cause of the blockage was tree roots,  Colin Hayes explained to my husband and I that this was a common problem and that it could be fixed by replacing a section of the pipework with a new PVC plumbing pipe,  we then went ahead and replaced the broken tree root ridden pipes with the new plumbing pipe.  The plumbers did a fantastic job, were polite, friendly, cleaned up after themselves and was kind to us on price and offered us a Pensioner discount,  I would have no hesitation in recommending the Services of the Perth plumbing Professionals again




Plumber Review – Como


To whom it may concern

We had an emergency plumbing problem at our flat in South Perth, Como on the 20th of April 2013,  The taps to the shower would not turn off we tried to turn it off but we could not.

We called the Perth Plumbing Professionals at 7am in the morning and amazingly they turned up at 730am,  they explained they have a local plumber in south Perth and could get to us straight away,  Well I was just so pleased,  Colin explained to me over the phone where to turn off the water at an isolation valve we found in the toilet,  they came out and fixed the problem immediately and replaced the broken tap  set with a great looking new shower tap set,  the taps were cheap but very good quality and they only charged me $250 for the whole job,  I was most impressed,  they were a life saver,  I got to work at 9.00 in the city on time for an important meeting,  I will be recommending the Perth Plumbing professionals to all my friends and family,  I could not believe how quick and efficient they were to do the job.  Most impressed and thanks again



South Perth Como


Plumber review Fremantle

The Perth Plumbing Professionals attended my shop in Fremantle to fix a hot water system,  they did a great job were on time and unbelievably quick,  they truly are professionals and they know what they are doing,  I will be using them again for any emergency or other plumbing jobs

Thanks  … Marco


Plumber Review Perth – South Eastern Suburbs – Canning Vale

I have used the Plumbers and the Perth plumbing professionals for the last 7 years,  I find their knowledge of plumbing exceptional, they have always been able to find the best solution to any plumbing problem,  Their knowledge on hot water systems,  They recently installed a heat pump hot water system to our house,  we have a large irrigation pump that we thought was using all the electricity but it was our old electric storage hot water unit,  when we replaced the old unit with the heat pump, our electricity bills halved,  I have also used his plumbing services at my business in Canning Vale,   I will be recommending The Perth Plumbing Professional team in the future,  thanks PPP,  you will be saving me Thousands

Regards David

South Eastern Suburbs Perth


Plumber Review Applecross located in the Southern Suburbs of Perth

A Plumber from the Perth Plumbing Professionals located and fixed a burst pipe for me at my home in Applecross, he was able to find the leak which was underground under the pavers, The Plumber repaired the copper pipe and replaced the pavers,  I am so thankful for their hassle free and prompt services

I will be recommending 13Plumber and the Perth Plumbing Professionals to everyone

Thanks again,  you are a life saver J

Erica – Applecross


Plumber review Palmyra

The Perth plumbing Professionals came to our house in Adrian St Palmyra,  My husband had tried to replace our kitchen sink set and had failed dismally,  in fact he had bought a cheap basin set from Bunnings,  which was not a good thing as the plumber explained as it was of very poor quality,  the Perth plumbing professionals had a large number of taps to choose from in there vans, good quality taps with guarantees,   we eventually went with a Kitchen mixer tap which we did not know we could have installed on our Kitchen sink,  the old holes he covered with these chrome plated cover plates,  the tap looks great and comes with a 10 year guarantee,   we were extremely impressed with their services (and taps)and will be mentioning them to all our friends and family

Thank you Perth Plumbing Professionals you were great!!!!

Nicole – Palmyra


Plumber and Gas fitter review Perth

The Perth Plumbing professionals attended our property in Highgate North Perth to find and fix a gas leak in march this year, We originally wanted to replace our instant gas hot water system as it was old and had stopped working, we had a number of plumbers come out and have a look at the job and it seemed to be all too hard for them to do the work, something to do with the old pipes and the house may have gas leaks or something?  the Perth Plumbing Professionals guided us through what needed to be done and explained it all very well, there was gas leaks on the house and the plumber had to run new gas pipes through the roof over to where the new hot water system was installed, it did not cost too much extra than first quoted by the other plumbers, I would like to say a big thank you for getting me my hot water system up and running again

Thanks Perth Plumbing Professionals you’re the Best!!!

Maria E


Plumber review Perth – Bentley

We called the 13Plumber number the other day to have a drain unblocked,  we had a major emergency plumbing problem, there was sewerage pouring out of the pipes and starting to fill our back patio paved area,  it was not a pretty site,  the Perth Plumbing Pro’s unblocked it thank God! They stayed to help clean up the mess I was very appreciative of their efforts,

Thanks Perth Plumbing Professionals

Cheers Aaron


Plumber reviews Perth – Burswood

To whom it may concern

We are retired Pensioners in living in Burswood,  we had some leaking taps and a leaking toilet in our apartment.  We tried to find a plumber to do the work but they just seemed so expensive and wanted payment up front,  we are quite conscious of our money so we looked to find a local plumber that offers pensioner discounts and one we could trust,  we spoke to our friends in our apartment block we were recommended the Perth Plumbing Professionals,  so we gave them a go, we were really impressed by the friendly well-presented staff who did a great job and left no mess,  we will be recommending them to the other tenants in our apartment block and our strata company

Thanks again PPP

Neil and Lizzie