Solar Hot Water Systems Perth

Solar Hot Water Systems use free energy from the sun to warm your water.

Perth summers are hot and dry, and mid-winter temperatures rarely fall below 16C creating one of the best climate locations to use solar hot water systems. Solar Hot Water Systems are the most energy efficient choice to provide your home with hot water n Perth, Western Australia.

Solar Hot Water Systems provide many benefits for your family including:

  • Long term savings year-on-year from lower energy bills
  • The reduced carbon emissions

  • Using an energy efficient fuel source which benefits the environment

Installation of Solar Hot Water Systems

Plumbers Perth provides a Complete Installation Service for Solar Hot Water Systems which includes:

  • Installing, servicing and repairing all makes and models of solar hot water heaters
  • Removes and replaces existing and less energy efficient water heaters

  • Provide professional advice about Solar Hot Water System Rebates available

Choosing between the makes and models of Solar Hot Water Systems available for your family can be difficult and time consuming. We provide professional advice to help you decide on the right:

  • capacity,
  • efficiency, and;

  • cost for your family

We also install, service and repair solar hot water systems.

Call us on 13 7586 to be one step closer to saving money on your energy bills.

Choosing between Solar Hot Water Systems available

There are two main types of Solar Hot Water Systems. We have provided you with a summary of information relating to the various types of solar hot water systems for your reference. Should you require further information on the various makes and models of solar hot water systems available please do not hesitate to call or email.

On the Roof Systems

  • Water is warmed directly by heat from the sun and stored in a tank for future use
  • Requires back up for cloudy days or when the water used runs out
  • Most popular of the solar hot water systems

  • Is situated on your roof
  • Higher initial cost (includes purchase of system and installation)
  • Low ongoing energy costs

Heat Pump Systems

  • Water in the storage tank is heated as electricity is used to pull heat from the air surrounding the tank into it at a higher temperature.
  • Second leading Solar Hot Water Systems alternative
  • Located on the ground near your home

  • Lower initial cost (includes purchase of system and installation)
  • Installed using existing electric connections

Our Promise to You

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Areas We Service for Solar Hot Water Systems

We are a Perth owned and operated company, local plumbers with local knowledge of the Perth area and surrounds. We specialise with installing Solar Hot Water Systems in the Western Suburbs. We service the Perth Metropolitan Area, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs also.