Blocked Sewer and Stormwater Drainage Perth

Rain water collected from your roof and downpipes flows into stormwater drains off your property to soakwells or a stormwater sump. Blocked stormwater drainage in Australia is often caused by trees and tree roots, At Perth Plumbing proffesssionals we find that 95%of blockages are caused by tree roots

  • Tree roots search for moisture and warmth
  • Tree roots creep in through small cracks and joins in pipes, grow and caused blocked stormwater drainage
  • Excess leaf and tree debris not cleared from your gutters also lead to blocked stormwater drainage
  • Once a tree root gets into a sewer or stormwater pipe,  they will keep growing and get bigger,  and eventually block the whole sewer or stormwater pipe, At Perth Plumbing Proffessionals we reccomend you dig up that pipe and replace it and get it fixed once and for all,  if not you will have your plumber returning to site on a regular basis,  you dont want that know do you? Because its only going to cost you more money
  • Wecan also reline your pipes so that minimum digging and disruption to you landscaping, garden and paving is caused,  we have drain cameras that pin point exactly where the problems are so we know what sections to replace,   We can provide you with a DVD of the footage we take of your drains
  • At Perth Plumbing Proffesionals we are here to help you save money and give you the best solutions to all your plumbing needs,  we can Provide a free plumbing health check on every job we do and advise on the best water and energy saving solutions for your property

Repairing Blocked Stormwater  and Sewer Drainage

Plumbers Perth can assist you with repair and maintenance of your blocked stormwater or sewer drainage. Preventing blocked stormwater drainage through regular maintenance prevents large and costly repairs. This can be completed through:

  • Removing excess leaf and tree debris from your home’s gutters and downpipes
  • Cleaning gutters often if your home has large trees nearby
  • Checking for signs of blockages when water flow slows


  • replacing broken sections of pipe
  • making sure kids toys or larger foriegn objects for not get thrown down the drains

With the help of the latest equipment our plumbers will accurately determine the cause and exact location of the blocked stormwater drainage. Problem blocked stormwater drainage systems may require a camera and video inspection to accurately determine the cause and exact location of the blockage. Blockages can often be repaired through the use of a number of tools including:

  • Electric power drain cleaning machines
  • Tree root treatment – if tree roots have been growing unnoticed in your pipes for a long time sections may require pipe replacement.

  • High velocity water jets
  • High pressure drain cleaner

Our team has the experience and equipment to assist you with the following blocked plumbing problems:

  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Blocked Toilets

  • Gas leaks and gas smells
  • Blocked Pipes

To speak to a member of our team for all plumbing services call 13 7586

Preventative Plumbing Repair Program

To limit future blocked stormwater drainage we highly recommend our Preventative Plumbing Repair Program. Regular maintenance of your pipes and drains will prevent future blocked stormwater drainage and expensive repairs.

Speak to our team about the Preventative Plumbing Repair Program on 13 7586

Areas We Service for Blocked Stormwater Drainage

We are a Perth owned and operated company, local plumbers with local knowledge of the Perth area and surrounds. We specialise in repair service of Blocked Stormwater Drainage in the Western Suburbs. We service the Perth Metropolitan Area, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs also.

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