Hot Water Systems Perth

To help you our plumbers have listed three factors to take into consideration before deciding on a hot water system to suit your needs:

  • Capacity (size) – hot water heaters need to be able to handle demand from your household. We deciding between hot water heaters you need to consider the current and future size of your household and their usage.
  • Energy Efficiency – Different fuel sources, sizes, models and brands affect the efficiency of hot water heaters
  • Cost – hot water heaters which are more expensive initially generally save money in the long term through lower operational costs. Cheaper hot water heaters may require higher month to month running costs and maintenance. Costs vary between types, models and brands of hot water heaters.
One of the most used appliances in homes around the world are hot water heaters. With many systems to choose from it is to find the right one for you and your family.

We will help you calculate the required capacity, energy efficiency and cost of hot water heaters suitable for you. Call to discuss on 13 7586.

Perth Plumbing can advise you on the best hot water system to suit your needs and can supply and install it for you in the quickest of time leaving you with hassle free hot water

Installation of Hot Water Systems

Plumbing Perth provides a complete service for hot water heaters. We install, replace and reposition hot water heaters in both new and existing homes throughout Perth, Western Australia and surrounding suburbs.

Our team provides a top-quality complete service for a wide range of hot water heaters available including solar, gas and electric systems on various models and styles. We can also make qualified recommendations regarding:

  • Hot water pipe insulating
  • Hot water Recirculating  pumps

  • Hot Water supply lines
  • Hot Water Tempering valves

Hot Water Systems Perth

Our plumbers will review hot water heaters available with you to find the most suitable hot water heaters for your home and family. There are four main types of hot water heaters available:

Storage Hot Water Systems

The water in the storage tank is constantly heated by gas or electric. This is not the most energy efficient of hot water heaters.

Please note you may be eligible for a rebate if replacing your old electric storage unit with a heat pump or Solar hot water system. The Federal Government is phasing out traditional electric element storage hot water systems as they use so much energy and produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions please call Perth Plumbing on 13 7586 to see if you qualify

Demand or Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

The water is heated directly on demand as needed. With no need for a storage tank standby heat losses associated with storage hot water heaters is avoided becoming more energy efficient.

Heat Pumps

Water in the storage tank is heated as the heat pump is used to pull heat from the air surrounding the tank into it at a higher temperature. This type of hot water system operates best in warm climates.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Water is warmed directly by heat from the sun and stored in a tank for future use. These systems are energy and cost effective hot water heaters for use in warm climates. It requires back up for cloudy days or when the water used runs out. Existing homes replacing existing electric systems should apply for the Solar Hot Water Systems Rebate.

If you would like advice about types of hot water heaters available call 13 7586 and we will discuss the hot water heaters that are right for you.

Hot Water System Repairs Perth

For fast and efficient service and repairs to hot water heaters contact 13 7586. We will get your hot water back as quickly as possible.

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